SPORT AND LIFE is the result of the sharing experiences of its members, coming from the expertise of the 20-year sports career of a voleyball athlete graduated in financial management; the academic excellence of a Harvard-trained professional; the experience of a graduated Olympic athlete in economics with financial experience; and the legal knowledge of a professional qualified for the continued exercise of the profession.

Slide Legal advice with Michel Maron

Legal guidance in all aspects related to the career, as well as the protection of the athlete in your hiring, with the analysis documents and proposals, in addition to legal defense against any violations of contractual rights against you.
Vocational guidance with Jorge Garcia

Targeting a successful post-sports career, with guidance for courses and colleges to be pursued, based on discovery of skills that will lead you to satisfactory results after your retirement from the courts.
Financial guidance with João Gabriel

Guiding and teaching the athlete to have a healthy financial education and planning, with the objective of making you make the decisions wiser for your current and future patrimonial life.
Sports agent with Guilherme Santos

Planning and monitoring of the sports career, having as goals the success on the courts, his evolution as an athlete, acquisition of better contracts and insertion in competitive teams.